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MCPyramid – Part 1

Creator: War904
Site: Minecraft Forum
Map’s challenges:

  • (many – see the forum post)

My own choices:

  • Difficulty: Normal
  • Hardcore: No
  • Beds may only be used to set a spawn point (and to complete one of the challenges).

Spoiler warning: This post includes minor spoilers for some of the traps in this map, as well as the general gameplay.

So I’m back in the desert again for this one. MCPyramid is more of a puzzle map than a survival map but it does have a few challenges beyond solving whatever there is to solve. Once again, it was one of paulsoaresjr’s videos that brought this one to my attention so I’m holding off watching any more parts of that until I’ve done it myself.

I did run into a show-stopping problem on my first attempt (the first two actually) but it was nothing to do with the pyramid itself and I’ll get to that later. Some of the things I did in the first attempt were important to the early stages of learning the map so I’ll start from that attempt rather than from the current one.

Keep off the grass!

You start in the desert not far from the pyramid. At your starting location is a patch of grass and a chest containing a few things, including some basic tools, some seeds and a sapling. Night was fast approaching (as it always is in Minecraft) and since there was no form of shelter other than the pyramid itself, which didn’t really appeal to me as a safe place to spend the night, the obvious place to build something was near the grass. I built the standard first night simple hut and planted the sapling and seeds.

Looks like a good place to cower for the night.

While digging up some sand for use on the hut I hit bedrock just two blocks down. Clearly there would be no access to cave systems and resources on this map, at least not out here. I spent the first part of night cowering in my hut but then decided I’d try digging again in case it was different here. I didn’t hit any bedrock but after digging down over 64 blocks and seeing nothing but sand I decided that my initial assessment regarding easy resources was probably correct. Read the rest of this entry