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Creator: TheWova
Site: Minecraft Forum
Map’s challenges:

  • (many – see the forum post)

My own choices:

  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Hardcore: No
  • Beds may only be used to set a spawn point.

Spoiler warning: This post contains spoilers relating to some of the secrets in this map, as well as the general gameplay.

Hello? Anyone?

The start of this map puts you on a becalmed ship as the only survivor with nothing but water in sight. The start scenario of this map is what interested me here, particularly as the most of the challenges centre around the building of an island. Scattered around the ship are some chests with a few useful things in as well as some signs instructing you to read log entries (on the forum post) which give you snippets of background information, adding to the feel of the setting.

Fishing from my new front "door".

Wood was certainly not in short supply as the entire ship was made from it. It would certainly have been possible to chop the ship up and turn it into an island but I was reluctant to do this and chose to make one of the cabins my initial base of operations. One thing I should mention is that if you decide to go for a swim be aware that you will not be able to get back up the ladders on the side of the ship due to the recent change to Minecraft which requires a ladder every block instead of every other block (the ladders don’t quite go far enough down). Just make sure you make a ladder piece first or be prepared to punch a hole back into the ship (which is what I did). Another option would be to take a piece of wood from somewhere and stick it to the side of the ship to allow you to reach the ladder (which is what led me to accidentally punch a hole in the ship). Read the rest of this entry