About This Blog

This blog is dedicated to documenting my experiences with custom-made challenge/adventure maps. I generally view these as one-off maps to be played until one or more of the following conditions is met:

  1. I have completed the set challenges.
  2. I have completed the map to my own satisfaction. This may be either before or after condition 1 and is especially likely to be before if I consider some of the challenges to be overly “grindy”.
  3. I get bored of and/or don’t like the map.

I have separate single player worlds for more persistent play and don’t want to set up any sort of permanent residence in any challenge maps. I also don’t want to spend too much time with a single map (unless one particularly grips me) as there are plenty of others I’m eager to try out.

Please note that this is not a review site but more of a “Let’s Play” in blog form. This means that I won’t be rating any of the maps, although I may highly recommend any I particularly like. Also bear in mind that these are my own experiences with the maps which will likely differ from your own if you choose to play any of them – a hundred different people would play any given map a hundred different ways.

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