The Beginning

What better place to start? This first entry really only serves to explain the purpose of this site so probably isn’t going to be massively interesting. Hmm… is it good to start by essentially saying “My blog is dull?” Anyway, I think it needs to be done so let’s keep going…

I’ve been playing Minecraft since version 1.3_01 on pretty much a single SSP world. I’ve played the 404 challenge once (which ended in a stupid death) and checked out a server or two occasionally (which I generally get bored of/annoyed with pretty quickly). I’m also aware that there’s a huge “Let’s Play” (LP) community out there for Minecraft but again, I’m not really involved in that either. However I do always watch paulsoaresjr‘s videos which are excellent, and I’ve watched some of MinecraftChick‘s which are always entertaining.

My SSP world has generally just been an evolving place with no specific goals, just messing with things and usually doing things I’ve seen done in Paul’s vidoes, which I’ve followed almost since my first day playing. It’s now reached the point where I’m thinking, “So… what now?” Now that doesn’t mean I’m bored of Minecraft (just the opposite – I’m hyped about 1.8) but it does mean that my first world has reached, let’s say a plateau of interest. What do you give a miner who has everything?

While I was wondering what to do next (maybe a Man vs Minecraft challenge, maybe just move on somewhere else in my current world, maybe start a new one) Paul started publishing his Man Woman Minecraft series which is set on a “survival map” called Survival Island. This was a new concept to me (remember I don’t really follow things that happen in the community as a whole much) and the idea is that you have to survive on a specially created map and, if you choose to, achieve goals set by the creator.

I decided to give this map a go myself, though only as far as seeing if I could get established on it without attempting the other challenges. After reaching a stage where I considered myself “established” I looked on the Minecraft forums and found that there were a few other survival maps around and one that caught my attention was Desert Survival. Looking at the screenshots of it I couldn’t decide whether it was a great idea or a stupid one, but I decided to give it a go anyway and ended up enjoying it hugely and completing all of the goals.

So that brings me to this blog and a single question – I’ve never felt compelled at all to blog about Minecraft before, so why now? After completing the goals for the Desert Survival map I thought it might be good to see how other people approached the same map, which I did by checking out some of the videos linked on the map’s forum thread. This then led me to the thought that maybe it’d be good to share my experiences on maps such as this (only in blog form instead of videos).

Of course I have already completed the Desert Survival map but I still want to share my version of the completed challenge. When I’ve done that and finally decided to move on (which I haven’t quite yet) I’ll start on another survival map and document it as I go. I may make “final tour” videos of the maps when they’re completed but I’m not sure about that. The progress reports themselves will be in blog form liberally sprinkled with screenshots.

So if you’re still reading after all that and think it actually sounds interesting then check back tomorrow for part one of the Desert Survival report.


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