MCPyramid – Part 2

Spoiler warning: This post includes spoilers for some of the traps in this map, as well as the general gameplay.

For my next foray into this I was using the included texture pack as I’d mentioned in my last post. However, I was only using the terrain textures not any of the monster or interface changes.

Less like a workshop, more like a house.

I had a complete re-think about my starting area and decided not only to get a decent house set up but also to tear down the greenhouse/workshop. The problem with the existing setup was that the soil was all enclosed in the building. This was fine for the crops as they needed to be protected, but the grass part wouldn’t attract any animals locked away in a tiny hut.

After moving the trees out of the way I built my proper house beside the current structure, moved some of the dirt and the water pool (well, puddle) to the front and re-planted the crops. Then I removed the old building and rearranged the remaining grass into what I hoped was an appealing shape for animals to spawn on. Actually it was just a 3×3 square but who can say what shapes appeal to sheep?

The inner sanctum.

By the time I’d finished I had quite a nice place with a fenced in front yard, a skylight and a basement complete with murder holes. It also had fantastic desert views. I spent quite a long time messing about with this getting it just right and it was possibly a little over the top for its purpose, but I had fun doing it and that’s what counts, right? Besides, the pyramid had been there about 4000 years and didn’t show any signs of moving anywhere fast. Read the rest of this entry


MCPyramid – Part 1

Creator: War904
Site: Minecraft Forum
Map’s challenges:

  • (many – see the forum post)

My own choices:

  • Difficulty: Normal
  • Hardcore: No
  • Beds may only be used to set a spawn point (and to complete one of the challenges).

Spoiler warning: This post includes minor spoilers for some of the traps in this map, as well as the general gameplay.

So I’m back in the desert again for this one. MCPyramid is more of a puzzle map than a survival map but it does have a few challenges beyond solving whatever there is to solve. Once again, it was one of paulsoaresjr’s videos that brought this one to my attention so I’m holding off watching any more parts of that until I’ve done it myself.

I did run into a show-stopping problem on my first attempt (the first two actually) but it was nothing to do with the pyramid itself and I’ll get to that later. Some of the things I did in the first attempt were important to the early stages of learning the map so I’ll start from that attempt rather than from the current one.

Keep off the grass!

You start in the desert not far from the pyramid. At your starting location is a patch of grass and a chest containing a few things, including some basic tools, some seeds and a sapling. Night was fast approaching (as it always is in Minecraft) and since there was no form of shelter other than the pyramid itself, which didn’t really appeal to me as a safe place to spend the night, the obvious place to build something was near the grass. I built the standard first night simple hut and planted the sapling and seeds.

Looks like a good place to cower for the night.

While digging up some sand for use on the hut I hit bedrock just two blocks down. Clearly there would be no access to cave systems and resources on this map, at least not out here. I spent the first part of night cowering in my hut but then decided I’d try digging again in case it was different here. I didn’t hit any bedrock but after digging down over 64 blocks and seeing nothing but sand I decided that my initial assessment regarding easy resources was probably correct. Read the rest of this entry


Creator: TheWova
Site: Minecraft Forum
Map’s challenges:

  • (many – see the forum post)

My own choices:

  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Hardcore: No
  • Beds may only be used to set a spawn point.

Spoiler warning: This post contains spoilers relating to some of the secrets in this map, as well as the general gameplay.

Hello? Anyone?

The start of this map puts you on a becalmed ship as the only survivor with nothing but water in sight. The start scenario of this map is what interested me here, particularly as the most of the challenges centre around the building of an island. Scattered around the ship are some chests with a few useful things in as well as some signs instructing you to read log entries (on the forum post) which give you snippets of background information, adding to the feel of the setting.

Fishing from my new front "door".

Wood was certainly not in short supply as the entire ship was made from it. It would certainly have been possible to chop the ship up and turn it into an island but I was reluctant to do this and chose to make one of the cabins my initial base of operations. One thing I should mention is that if you decide to go for a swim be aware that you will not be able to get back up the ladders on the side of the ship due to the recent change to Minecraft which requires a ladder every block instead of every other block (the ladders don’t quite go far enough down). Just make sure you make a ladder piece first or be prepared to punch a hole back into the ship (which is what I did). Another option would be to take a piece of wood from somewhere and stick it to the side of the ship to allow you to reach the ladder (which is what led me to accidentally punch a hole in the ship). Read the rest of this entry

Desert Survival – Part 2

Spoiler warning: Reading this before playing the map may spoil the experience a little, although I don’t cover many of the hidden resources mentioned in the forum post.

As fishing was my only source of food I’d be needing more string for fishing rods. A mob trap would be excellent for this and would also complete one of the challenges. Due to the difference in mob sizes I made two different traps – one for spiders and one for everything else. I wanted to come up with my own ideas for these rather than go looking online for things and I also wanted them to be relatively simple.

The "everything else" trap.

The “everything else” trap just used channels of water to push the mobs onto a cactus. This wasn’t perfect as occasionally the cactus also killed the loot before it could be funneled away if it dropped too close. I didn’t put much more thought into improving it as it would do as it was.

The spider trap.

The spider trap was pretty effective. It consisted of a pit with an overhang so that the spiders couldn’t climb out and cacti on the inner walls to kill them as they tried. The water was simply to funnel the loot into a convenient collection place, much like the other trap. The only problem was that spiders didn’t generally fall into here themselves but if I went to lure them into it it did the job nicely. Read the rest of this entry

Desert Survival – Part 1

Creator: CiscoQL
Site: Minecraft Forum
Map’s challenges:

  • Build a two story house/base made primarily of glass.
  • Build a brick fireplace.
  • Build an automated cactus farm.
  • Build an under ground tree farm.
  • Build an above ground animal trap.
  • Make a diamond mine.
  • Make a sugarcane farm.

My own choices:

  • Difficulty: Normal
  • Hardcore: No
  • Beds may only be used to set a spawn point.

Spoiler warning: Reading this before playing the map may spoil the experience a little, although I don’t cover many of the hidden resources mentioned in the forum post.

As I said in the last entry, I’m going to give a brief recap of my time in the Desert Survival map. It’s not the first survival map I’ve played but it’s the first one I’ve completed the goals for and the one that really sparked my interest in this sort of map. Generally, this blog will be updated while playing a map, but since this one was the catalyst for the creation of this blog it’s included as a recap even though I’m about ready to move on from it.

"Your one tree."

The map is almost entirely sand with very few resources available initially – less even than most other survival maps as I understand it. There are a few screenshots illustrating this on the map’s forum post. I wasn’t sure yet if I was taking this map seriously but decided that I would at least try to find “the tree” and see if I could get it. During my search I came across a piece of grass-covered dirt surrounded by lava, which I dug up and took along with me so that I could use it to plant a tree on. In retrospect this was a mistake as this was the only piece of grass I was to find until I’d almost finished with the map and there is currently no way in Minecraft to create grass without an existing grass tile. However, this didn’t make any of the challenges impossible so it didn’t really matter. Read the rest of this entry

The Beginning

What better place to start? This first entry really only serves to explain the purpose of this site so probably isn’t going to be massively interesting. Hmm… is it good to start by essentially saying “My blog is dull?” Anyway, I think it needs to be done so let’s keep going…

I’ve been playing Minecraft since version 1.3_01 on pretty much a single SSP world. I’ve played the 404 challenge once (which ended in a stupid death) and checked out a server or two occasionally (which I generally get bored of/annoyed with pretty quickly). I’m also aware that there’s a huge “Let’s Play” (LP) community out there for Minecraft but again, I’m not really involved in that either. However I do always watch paulsoaresjr‘s videos which are excellent, and I’ve watched some of MinecraftChick‘s which are always entertaining.

My SSP world has generally just been an evolving place with no specific goals, just messing with things and usually doing things I’ve seen done in Paul’s vidoes, which I’ve followed almost since my first day playing. It’s now reached the point where I’m thinking, “So… what now?” Now that doesn’t mean I’m bored of Minecraft (just the opposite – I’m hyped about 1.8) but it does mean that my first world has reached, let’s say a plateau of interest. What do you give a miner who has everything? Read the rest of this entry